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9-11: The Administration Opposed Giving the Commission the Time it Needs to Do its Job

It has been clear since July 2003 that the Commission would need more time than its initial May 27, 2004 deadline, due mainly to Bush administration stonewalling. [9-11 Commission 7/8/03; 9-11 Commission 9/23/03] The administration ramped up political pressure to prematurely end the Commission just as it began revealing information that could be politically damaging to the White House. [Philadelphia Inquirer 1/29/04] In late January 2004, the administration still adamantly opposed an extension for the investigation, [Washington Post 1/18/04; Salon 1/24/04] but it claimed to have a change of heart in early February. [9-11 Commission 2/4/04] Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert continued to fight against extending the deadline. It wasn’t until the end of February that Hastert disingenuously acceded to pressure from the Senate to extend the deadline, [9-11 Commission 2/27/04] claiming that his objection was based on an urgent desire to see the Commission's report sooner rather than later. [Washington Post 2/27/04; CNN 2/27/04] He is still objecting to granting the commission "wind-down" time after it releases its report.


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