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Bush Meshes Official, Political Stops to Cut Campaign Costs:

"In the last month, Bush often has attended GOP events and conducted taxpayer-financed business while on the same trips outside of Washington. He delivered the commencement address at Louisiana State University before raising $2 million near New Orleans, spoke to graduates of a Wisconsin college shortly after taking in $2.2 million in nearby St. Louis, and hailed his commitment to the environment near a Florida bay before pulling in more than $4 million for the Republican National Committee in Naples and Miami.

Sometimes, as with the commencement speeches, campaign strategists build fundraisers around the president's official schedule.

Other times, a fundraiser prompts White House aides to set up an official event. That is how Bush came to hold a 'conversation' on healthcare information technology Thursday in Nashville, a White House spokeswoman said. She said the White House had been seeking an opportunity to hold a healthcare technology event anyway."
When a candidate has raised $200 million, is it really fair to continue to subsidize his campaign? John Kerry had to pay for his new plane. Old post.


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