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NYT Contributes to Dissection of Bush Patriot Act Ad

The New York Times > Washington > Campaign 2004 > The Ad Campaign: Portrait of a Patriot and a Flip-Flopper

The NYT joins the fray, criticizing the Bush campaign's new anti-Kerry ad, which alleges that Kerry has sacrificed "vital tools to fight terrorism" because of "pressure from fellow liberals."

The NYT adds this tidbit:

In October, the Bush campaign's chairman, Marc Racicot, told a questioner at an Arab-American Institute conference that changes in the law might be in the offing, saying that members of Congress "presently have legislation pending to provide refinements to that act, to bring that balance even truer than it has been, so that it does not end up invading the civil rights of any American.''
Factcheck, among others, has already shown that the ad is based on lies and distortions. Neither article, though, mentions the real issue highlighted by this ad: Bush is politicizing the war on terrorism. For three years now, Republicans have impugned the patriotism of anyone questioning the prosecution of the war on terrorism, and fecklessly hurled charges of "politicization" at anyone offering substantive criticism. Now Bush uses the War on Terrorism as a political prop in a misleading ad. Duplicity is too nice a word.


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