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Stabilization Is Its Middle Name (washingtonpost.com)

Milbank, Washington Post

Milbank is a favorite of mine. For two years now, he has been the Post's most aggressive reportorial critic of the administration, and not-coincidentally, the most prescient. He writes about the massive turnover within the forgotten Iraq Stabilization Group, where the "fixer," Condeleezza Rice, was going to manhandle Iraqi problems. Three of the four original members are no longer actively participating in the group, with two having left government altogether.

He also notes another example of the brewing controversy about the administration's use of government resources for political reasons. Cheney went on a government funded excursion to an Arkansas Wal-mart, and gave a partisan campaign speech, including:

"This November, the American people will have a clear choice on the economy," he said. "President Bush has stood firmly by his conviction that lower taxes are critical to growth and jobs. The president's opponent takes a somewhat different view." After more than 600 words picking apart Kerry's record, Cheney said: "I am confident that six months from now, with a clear choice before them, the American people will choose the confident, steady, principled leadership of President George W. Bush."


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