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Thanks to Drum and Atrios for the tip:

Eason Jordan:

I want to register my disappointment with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer program last night, where CNN correspondent Kelli Arena questioned three “experts” on who Osama bin Laden wants to win the November presidential election. Aside from the fact that the question is ridiculous, and certainly not “news,” your experts seemed to be “fair and balanced” in a Fox News way, if you know what I mean.

George Bush has hopelessly muddled our foreign policy and given al-Qaeda recruiting gift after recruiting gift. I find it hard to believe that they would prefer a president that was actually focused on fighting and eliminating them, rather than getting us bogged down in an interminable, irresolvable war against an admittedly evil, but secular, anti-Islamist regime. If you bother to ask such inane questions in the future, you might want to ask an “expert” like Rand Beers, Richard Clarke, General Zinni, Thomas Maertens, Greg Thielmann, Flynt Leverett, Roger Cressey, or any of the host of other people that have left the administration over its mangling of the response to September 11th.

Thanks for your time,

David Meyer


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