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Bush Ad Accuses Kerry of Talking Down the Economy

LA Times:

"'The Bush campaign countered with a new television ad accusing Kerry of grasping for bad news in the midst of a robust recovery.

He's talking about the Great Depression,' states the ad, which is scheduled to begin running Monday on national cable channels. 'One thing's sure: Pessimism never created a job.'"
Remember these?
  • BUSH: This is going to be a very practical administration. We will view problems, analyze them, and deal with them. We'll be as up front as we can with the American people. We'll explain when we can get something done quickly, and we'll explain when we can't get something done quickly. We're not going to shirk from the problems with which we're confronted.

  • BBC: "Some commentators suggest Mr Bush is seeking to bolster the case for his proposed $1.3 trillion tax cut and to pin the blame for any further economic downturn firmly on the outgoing administration.

    "What you're seeing is President-elect Bush and his team actually talking down our economy, (and) injecting more fear and anxiety into the economy than is justified," said Gene Sperling, an economic advisor to President Clinton."

  • "JIM LEHRER: But what about the specific charge, Mark, that the President has actually been talking down the economy in order to justify his tax cuts, and say see, I told you we needed tax cuts because look what the economy is doing?

    MARK SHIELDS: I don't think there is any question that is a developed strategy. It was born in the campaign, you recall. Trying to rob Al Gore of any advantage he might receive as the Vice President of Bill Clinton during the greatest boom -- eight-year boom in the nation's history -- both Vice President Cheney, the nominee then, and Governor Bush warned about this signs of recession out there. I think the President walks a very dangerous line. I think it makes sense for him politically. Paul makes an argument that it probably does give a certain argument in the case for his tax cut, Jim, but what a President has to be in addition to being candid, is a President has to be reassuring. That's what a leader is. If you think that the economy is bad, the only analogy I can use, you are in a stopped subway car between stations, you want at that point an authoritative voice to come in and say this is where we are -- this is what' being done, this is how we are going to get out of here. And I don't think - I think there has been enough of that -- very little reassurance in the President's rhetoric."

  • Dick Gephardt: "I am disappointed that after months of talking down the economy and driving down consumer confidence, the President, in his speech today, offered only a warmed over rehash of his own proposals and priorities. Unchanged from a year ago, his economic plan fail to address both the short-term or long-term needs of the American economy."
If "talking down the economy" is a real phenomenon, then George W. has four years of recession to answer for.


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