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Class Warfare

washingtonpost.com: Rich Choices in November:

"'It is unclear whether the campaign of George Walker Bush (son of U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush and grandson of Connecticut Senator Prescott Sheldon Bush) and Dick Cheney (worth between $24 million - $107 million; former Chairman and CEO of Halliburton who received a $20 million retirement package to run for vice president) has endorsed this line of attack. Bush (a CT-born Yankee who summered in Kennebunkport, Maine, and attended the Kinkaid school in Houston before moving to Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, where he became head cheerleader and earned the nickname the Lip from his chums for his rapier wit), was unavailable for comment.' "
Its class warfare to point out the distribution of George Bush's tax cuts, but its not to imply that Kerry is too wealthy to relate to the people? This is fantastically idiotic, but, again, the problem is that it might work. The argument already has currency at the bottom of the Noise Machine.


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