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Gloria Feldt, of Planned Parenthood: Be wary of DLC


"I think John Kerry understands viscerally reproductive rights as being related to women's human rights globally," she said in an interview Wednesday. "But he's got to come up with some better language to talk about it, and I think he's being poorly advised, poorly served by some of his advisers at the moment."
"I think when a candidate has a set of beliefs, even if a voter doesn't agree with that set of beliefs, they have more respect for a candidate. So I'm hoping that Kerry will learn that as he goes along. He's certainly always been strong in his previous races, so I think he'll come to his senses," Feldt said.
Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter, noting the candidate's rally in April with women's groups, said he is "absolutely committed to protecting a woman's right to choose."
I think this is good advice. Democrats win on the ground, through active supporters willing to volunteer time to make a real connection with voters. Kentucky and South Dakota were both won that way. Clear positions help, both energizing volunteers and simplifying their tasks.


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