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Ridiculous AP title: Democrats in Congress pay Tepid Tribute to Reagan. The story is that the Democrats praised Reagan at all, not that their praise was insufficiently gushing.

Ridiculous NYT title: Kerry Pays Respects to Reagan, but Takes a Swipe at Bush. The "swipe?"

Aboard his plane as he flew to California from Washington, Mr. Kerry told reporters he admired Mr. Reagan's political skills and liked him personally. "He was a very likeable guy," Mr. Kerry said.

Mr. Kerry said Mr. Reagan "was, as he's been written about, sort of arm's distance from a lot of the stuff" on which he worked with the White House. He said as a senator he mainly dealt with Mr. Reagan's chiefs of staff and cabinet members.

But, he added pointedly: "I had quite a few meetings with him. I met with Reagan a lot more than I've met with this president."
That "swipe" is nicer than the best thing George Bush has ever said about Kerry.


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