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Medigate Update

Ted Kennedy has a press release on “Medigate,” what he calls the administration's withholding of the actuarial estimates of the costs of Bush's new program:

The White House Medigate coverup continues. The President finally responded, through Secretary Thompson, to our letters of March 12 and May 10 posing a series of specific questions regarding the President's and the Administration's actions in concealing the Medicare Chief Actuary's cost estimates from Congress and the American people. The Thompson letter answers none of those questions.
It is an unfortunate name, since it doesn't differentiate between the innumerable other scandals swirling around the prescription drug bill. Sen. Lautenberg's office released a report covering some of the scandals, but much more is out there, including: the AdvancePCS-Discount Card connection, the poor design of the legislation, the misappropriation of government resources for political purposes in advertising the legislation, the use of deceptive "video news releases" in advertising the program, and the absurdity of the discount card program.


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