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More News I Missed While in South Dakota: Cheney-Halliburton

Shamelessly stolen from the Progress Report: CALLS FOR A SPECIAL COUNSEL: Reuters reports House Democrats urged a special counsel on Wednesday to probe whether Vice President Dick Cheney broke the law after internal Pentagon emails say his office "coordinated" billions in government contracts to his former employer Halliburton. If true, Cheney would have had direct involvement in giving contracts to a company he still receives deferred salary from and owns stock options in. Roll Call reports that in light of the controversy, Senate Democrats are planning to force more votes on the oversight of government contracting in Iraq. Last year in the Senate, legislation was offered to force Cheney to terminate his financial relationship with Halliburton after the Congressional Research Service deemed it a "potential conflict of interest." The bill, however, was voted down.

Waxman has sent a letter to Rumsfeld, asking why there wasn't competitive bidding. Waxman is also pushing the Discount Card issue, asking where the discounts are, and pushing hard on Abu Ghraib.


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