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News I Missed While In South Dakota

Drug Discount Cards. According to the Christian Science Monitor, seniors aren't signing up for the discount cards. Senate cadidate Jim Hoeffel has a pleasant chart explaining why. A brief look at Google News, available here, shows that it is the local and regional papers that are leading on this front. The Washington Post's single article is here.

Fox News Imbroglio. John S. Carroll of the Los Angeles Times colorfully criticized Fox News as pseudo-journalism, or propaganda. Roger Ailes responded in the Wall Street Journal.

Judith Miller. The NYT "correction" that appeared on A10 of the May 26 paper is available here; a sample of the Times' coverage is available here. New York Metro has a long analysis of the Times' culpability for the Miller/Chalabi scandal. Daniel Okrent, the Times' PPublic Editor, had a scathing review in the Sunday NYT. Salon has an excellent summary of the mess.

More coverage: Editor and Publisher, noting that Miller hasn't learned from her mistakes. Boston Phoenix article placing the Times mess in a broader journalistic context. Joe Conason in the New York Observer criticizes the leeway given to Miller. Jim Romenesko, the Poynter Institute's online media analyst, has a larger roundup here and also here. FAIR also has good coverage, most of it here.

Stephanie Herseth. Keloland carried a bunch of positive stories: on the reaction in Herseth's hometown, on Herseth getting started in DC, on Herseth's bipartisan support from women. The Hill reported on her placement on Ag. The Rapid City Journal reported on high voter turnout. KOTA TV reported on reservation turnout, which was as high as 94% for Herseth. WaPo coverage is here and here. The Washington Times, unsurprisingly, says the victory doesn't mean anything for the Democrats nationally.

The Aberdeen American News had this to say:

"Once [sic] constant refrain heard over the last couple of days, though, was not quite so positive. The campaigns for both candidates for the U.S. House seat were, shall we say, overly zealous in their attempts to get out the vote. This is, of course, a noble cause, but one that may have backfired in many cases simply because some voters felt they were almost being harassed. Numerous phone calls per household - in some cases almost two dozen - came in over the holiday weekend, often accompanied by personal visits. The solicitors were friendly enough. There were just too many too persistent reminders to vote."
I still haven't seen anything on the turnout in Rapid 2-4, but I'll find it and forward it around.

Misc. Good Articles

Dana Milbank ridiculing Bush: Making Hay Out of Straw Men (washingtonpost.com)

Matt Yglesias in American Prospect (Humor): Bush is an Iranian Agent

Ashcroft Terror Warning Based on Questionable Sources, Lisa Myers, NBC News May 28.

E.J. Dionne, The President: Paying the Price, May 30 2004.

Editorial, U.S. Security, Iraqi Freedom Are Unrelated, Christian Science Monitor, June 3 2004.

EPI, Snapshot on Workers' Share of GDP Growth, May 27 2004.


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