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Community College Lies

Bush today at the Urban League:

Plus, I want to make sure the community college system is vibrant. I put money aside and will continue to do so for the community colleges. They're available, affordable, they're accessible, they're good things, they can change their curriculum to meet the needs of a local community. They actually train people for jobs which exist. They're good opportunities for kids coming out of high school. Look, education is the future of the country.
Representative Ron Kind on Wednesday [pdf]:
Republican Committee members voted against all three amendments, including that which would have provided the $250 million that the President has repeatedly called for in appearances at community colleges around the country in the last several months. “In speech after speech, the President has talked up extra funding for community and technical colleges, but he has not lifted a finger to make it happen,” said Kind. “If the President is really interested in getting this funding, he would push for it on Capitol Hill – but he isn’t.”


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