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Two More Bush Flip Flops

Bush had two major flip flops this week. He promised to support the assault weapons ban in the 2000 election, and, though the legislation is now in his hands, he is doing nothing. His administration supported the "roadless rule," limiting the building of new roads in portions of the National Forests, but has proposed a new rule gutting it. See also The Wilderness Society June '03 press release; Earth Justice Aug. '02 press release.

These aren't fake Kerry flip-flops, where he was operating in the Senate on an area of uncertainty and had to vote the way he thought was right. No mislead Bush into these positions. These are cases where nothing has changed, no new evidence has come to light, and Bush's earlier statements were unequivocal. In short, they are simple lies, evidence that Bush thinks the commitments he makes in the light of an election can be discarded at his convenience.

The confluence of the flip-flops also risks separating hunters from the NRA. The NRA, with about 4 million members, is a huge political organization - but 2 million of those members are hunters. Many hunters are appalled with the change to the roadless rule:

Unlike many public lands issues, this one unites environmentalists with hunters.

"It's about open space and clean water and providing hunting and fishing opportunities as more and more land is posted 'no trespassing'," says Chris Wood, vice president of the conservation group Trout Unlimited. "This is an issue that certain people care very, very deeply about." [Christian Science Monitor]


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