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Kerry might not be able to unite the American people, but I sure as hell hope he can unite the executive branch.

An anti-Iranian terrorist group, the Iranian People's Mujahideen Organisation (Mujahidee Khalq ), is operating out of Iraq, where it has been based since the 80s. The Iranians have been negotiating with the American government for their handover.

Yesterday, though, the United States extended protections to them under the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prevents their handover to Iran. They are still listed by the US as a terrorist organization.

Perviz Kharzai, a leader in the organization, explained the seeming contradiction this way:

"It looks like a contradiction. That means the American administration is split over the Mujahideen. I think the State Department is still working to appease the Mullahs. They are still hoping to strike a deal with the regime, and there are some circles in the diplomacy of the United States still hoping of reforming this regime from within, which has failed already. But also there are other sections in the American administration who think the Mujahideen have nothing to do with terrorism as they are actually an anti-fundamentalist force, using Islamic ideology against Islamic fundamentalism, and that has to be welcomed by the world community."
Even a random Iranian terrorist knows the way to the withered neocon heart is through bashing the Department of State. Seriously, this is a test of Bush's "war on terror," and he failed it.


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