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A nice offering from Newsmax. A random Newsmax smear artist accuses John Kerry of being mentally ill and of being worse that Goebbels (he isn't as "artful" in his "big lies").

What is the evidence for Kerry's insanity? Projection. That's right, Kerry is guilty of projection.

Leaving aside the poor understanding of Freud - projection is not a sign of mental illness - the charge is doubly ironic in this case.

First, George W. Bush is a textbook case of projection. It is his clear strategy to attempt to preempt criticism of himself by firing the first shot against his opponent. One of his first anti-Kerry ads, focused on the $87 billion, accused Kerry of not approving funding for body armor or humvee up-armoring. Bush's defense department was, and still is, woefully inadequate in these areas, particularly when it comes to provisioning National Guard units. Not only that, but Bush himself threatened to veto an alternate bill which would have provided the same level of funding for troops, but funded through current revenue rather than borrowed.

Other examples of Bush projection abound, from accusing Kerry of running a relentlessly negative campaign, to accusing Kerry of talking down the economy, to accusing Kerry of flip-flopping, to accusing Kerry of being beholden to special interests, to accusing Kerry of not understanding the nature of the threats we face, to accusing Kerry of being weak on counterproliferation.

Moreover, Bush seems incapable of introspection, of accepting responsibility for his actions. He is always either the victim of Bill Clinton and Democrats or natural forces (the "trifecta").

Second, of course, Perry himself is projecting. He accuses Kerry of being a negative campaigner on the same page that he accuses Kerry of being worse than Goebbels and mentally ill.

Bush's projection is tactical. It must not be rewarded.


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