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GAO Report Roundup

Foreign Military Sales: Improved Navy Controls Could Prevent Unauthorized Shipments of Classified and Controlled Spare Parts to Foreign Countries. GAO-04-507, June 25.

The Navy’s internal controls over foreign military sales pursuant to blanket orders are not adequate, placing classified and controlled spare parts at risk of being shipped to foreign countries that may not be eligible to receive them. [p. 3]
Pipeline Safety: Management of the Office of Pipeline Safety's Enforcement Program Needs Further Strengthening. GAO-04-801, July 23.
Although in recent years OPS has made a number of changes in its enforcement strategy that have the potential to improve pipeline safety, the effectiveness of this strategy cannot currently be determined because the
agency has not incorporated three key elements of effective program management—clear program goals, a well-defined strategy for achieving those goals, and performance measures linked to the program goals. Without these three key elements, OPS cannot determine whether recent and planned changes in its enforcement strategy are having or will have the desired effects on pipeline safety. [p. 3]


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