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Question for Steve Gardner

Gardner is the guy that claims Kerry wasn't in Cambodia on Christmas Eve 1968:

STEVE GARDNER: “I spent more time on John Kerry’s boat than any other crew member.

John Kerry hasn’t been honest, he’s been deceitful.

John Kerry claims that he spent Christmas in 1968 in Cambodia and that is categorically a lie.

Not in December, not in January.

We were never in Cambodia on a secret mission, ever.”

VO: “Swift Boat Veterans for truth is responsible for the content of this advertisement.”
So here's the question. Conservative smear artists think this can all be cleared up by Kerry releasing his military records (which are already publicly available on his site). But if Gardner was on the boat with him, why doesn't he just file his Form 180 and get his military records? Shouldn't they show where the boat was? Why rely on the 30 year old reminiscences of a guy with a poor memory, when you can just get the documents?

Note the wordsmithing in the ad, by the way. Kerry "claims that he spent Christmas in 1968 in Cambodia." Actually, no he doesn't. He claimed he crossed into Cambodia on Christmas eve. Gardner denies that they were ever "in Cambodia on a secret mission..." This is separate from the Christmas issue, and it is either evasion or deception. It is evasion if it is meant to hide that they were in Cambodia on Christmas eve, but not on a secret mission. It is deception if Gardner means to imply that Kerry was never on a "secret mission," since Gardner was only on Kerry's boat about half the time Kerry was in VN.


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