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Terrorists Want You To Pay Full Price for Your Medication

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

FDA: Terrorists May Attack Imported Drugs

The acting commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that nonspecific "chatter" indicates that terrorists may seek to attack the American food and drug supply, particularly less-expensive drugs imported from Canada and elsewhere, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

The commissioner, Lester Crawford, told the wire service that the possibility of such an attack had moved to the top of his list of concerns over recent attempts by many states and cities to save money by importing less-expensive drugs. In the past, the agency has declared such imports illegal, citing concerns that they may be improperly labeled, contain incorrect doses, or have the wrong ingredients.

Crawford conceded that while there are no specific indications that the food or drug supplies are targeted by Al-Qaida and other terrorists, "it is a source of continuing concern."

His comments came two days after Vermont announced its plans to sue the agency for denying the state's application to import Canadian drugs for its employees and retirees.

The agency is under mounting pressure to relax its hard-line stance over drug imports. Crawford said the FDA hasn't decided whether to vigorously challenge Vermont's pending lawsuit, the AP reported.

The latest sign of growing discontent with domestic drug prices appears to be occurring in the FDA's own backyard. The Washington, D.C., government has placed a link on its Web site to a guide for ordering drugs from Canadian pharmacies, according to Thursday's Washington Post.

An FDA spokesman repeated the agency's contention that such drugs are illegal and potentially unsafe. City Administrator Robert Bobb said he approved the link to give residents more options, although he said he'd strike the link from the site if U.S. officials could show him that it was violating federal law, the Post reported.
I would love to see some evidence for this. Preferably without burning any double agents.


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