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Corruption in Plain Sight

Mike Scanlon, one of the former Delay aides responsible for defrauding millions from Native American tribes, refused to show for the Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing.

"The U.S. marshals tell us Mr. Scanlon is hiding out in his house with the blinds drawn," said Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-Colo.), chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, after the hearing. "But we’re going to [subpoena] him again. He will be before the committee one way or another. … I want to ask him questions. He is going to have to duck and dodge."
Abramoff, Scanlon's partner in crime, pled the fifth.
Nighthorse Campbell said the documentary trail developed by the committee, including the e-mails released yesterday, tell a story of unbounded greed. He said he believes Abramoff privately showed bigotry and contempt for tribal officials who were awarding him and Scanlon multimillion-dollar contracts, referring to them as "idiots" and "troglodytes."

"Do you refer to all your clients as 'morons'?" he demanded of Abramoff. The witness, flanked by lawyer Abbe D. Lowell, looked abashed but did not answer, citing his right against self-incrimination.
According to John McCain, Abramoff manipulated tribal politics to keep the money flowing:
"The documents show that Jack Abramoff systematically sought out impressionable tribal leaders and representatives, seduced them with promises of power and prestige, and helped them attain positions of power within their tribes," McCain said. "Once in power, their allies on the tribal council steered multimillion-dollar contracts to Mr. Abramoff's lobbying firm and Mr. Scanlon's PR company."
I imagine there is some tension between Delay and McCain.


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