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Effective Kerry-Ewards Press Operation

I have been critical of the Kerry-Edwards press operation in the past, primarily because they always seem to be a step slower than the GOP. I'm impressed with the effectiveness of this latest effort, though. Dick Cheney keeps insisting that President Kerry will get us killed by reverting to a pre-9/11 mindest. Kerry-Edwards noted:

Cheney Today: "Prior to 9-11, we were struck repeatedly, and never responded effectively." [Cheney Remarks, 9/22/04]

FACT Cheney in Feb 2001: Cheney Was Told Al Qaeda Had Hit the USS Cole - But Chose Not to Respond: "At least twice, Bush conveyed the message to the Taliban that the United States would hold the regime responsible for an al Qaeda attack. But after concluding that bin Laden's group had carried out the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole -- a conclusion stated without hedge in a Feb. 9 briefing for Vice President Cheney -- the new administration did not choose to order armed forces into action." [Washington Post, 1/20/02]
That's a data point I should have known, but didn't. Cheney really knows what the pre-9/11 mindset looks like. Here's how it played in today's Washington Post:
In Washington, Vice President Cheney amplified Bush's message on a visit to Capitol Hill. "John Kerry gives every indication that his repeated efforts to cast and recast and redefine the war on terror and our operations in Iraq and Afghanistan -- of someone who lacks the resolve, the determination and the conviction to prevail in this conflict," Cheney said.

The vice president did not respond to a question about the violence in Iraq.

Cheney said that under Kerry the country would "revert back to the pre-9/11 mind-set," a time when "we were struck repeatedly and never responded effectively." According to the commission that probed the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Cheney was urged early in the administration to respond to the attack on the USS Cole, but no action was taken.


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