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GOP Convention Coverage Round-Up

The best coverage of the GOP Convention was ironically produced by two confused Republicans and one confused leftist. First is Mr. Andrew Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan is a confused bird, fiercely hostile to the GOP domestic agenda, critical of the incompetence on display in every Bush-Cheney foreign policy initiative, yet strongly supportive of a Bush's neo-Wilsonian interventionism (I am uncomfortable calling it neo-Wilsonian - I don't think "neo" means "wretched, farcical mockery of").

Mr. Sullivan on Bush's speech. Sen. Miller as a liar and as a bigot (and here. Similarities between Cheney and Kerry on DoD appropriations. More coverage here: hopes, Sheri Dew, McCain and Giuliani, Bill Frist et al, the Bush girls, Laura Bush, and "diversity," Mitt Romney & Dick Cheney.

Will Saletan (aka Lord Saletan) is a Republican, apparently because he believes what they say. Such naivete is unbecoming in a journalist, but Mr. Saletan showed signs of a breakthrough during the course of the convention.

In order of quality: democracy, rubble rousing, soft bigotry of low expectations, General Franks, miscellany, McCain and Giuliani, Schwarzenegger

Michael Berube is a wishy washy leftist lit crit twit that was seduced by the pomp and circumstance, briefly becoming a mouth foaming Republican. He was eventually slapped down by none other than Grover Norquist for refusing to entirely discard his rational faculties.

His conversion takes place here. Tales of his journey are here, here, here, and here. His comeuppance is here. Prof. Berube, you were missed.


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