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So why do Republicans get to comment on the strategic wisdom of Al Gore's speeches?

Republicans, however, say Gore's passion on the campaign path has reached an unhealthy fever pitch that could do Democrats more harm than good.
GOP strategist Keith Appell likens him to "some kind of cheerleader on acid."
"Some of the things he has said have been outrageous and he says them in this high-pitched scream," Appell said. "I really don't know what to call that."
How responsible is it for the AP to include quotes like this without referring to the broader GOP strategy of branding partisan liberals as "wild-eyed" crazies who don't deserve to be listened to?

Keith Appell is a former MRC hack, a former Club for Growth spokesperson, a former Creative Response Concepts (the group pushing both the SBVfT and the Rather forgeries story) hack, a former Ashcroft campaign consultant, and an all-round social Neanderthal. He pushes quackery like "gay conversion," among other issues. If Gore were an extremist, Appell would be able to identify it.

When Democrats are asked about Gore, our response should be: He is a good, responsible man, a proud public servant. He has thirty years of experience in government, and knows how the Bush campaign operates better than any single person. Rather than attack the man, the GOP should address his charges.


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