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Iran Contra II Update II

NPR has an interview with Fred Kaplan on Larry Franklin. Kaplan says the FBI probably wouldn't be involved in the matter if Franklin had only given AIPAC a DoD draft of policy toward Iran. Otherwise, nothing particularly interesting.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Steve Rosen has had his hard drive confiscated.

An AP report includes this nugget:

Yet Raymond Tanter of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said he believes the next president will have little choice but to support the main Iranian opposition group, the MEK.

That group, however, is on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations and few politicians openly support it.

And Tanter says support for either military action or for using the MEK could be undermined by the investigation into whether Larry Franklin, a Middle East analyst at the Pentagon, provided classified information on Iran to Israel.

"Those people who would say unleash the MEK could be accused now of following a Zionist agenda," Tanter said. "The Franklin flap is quite damaging. It plays into Iran's hand."
Jim Lobe of Inter-Press Service on the second/third investigation. Not sure about Lobe's credibility, but a data point nonetheless.

Haaretz published a bio of Franklin; apparently everyone thinks he's naive. Memo to DoD: 1. Don't hire naive people. 2. Don't involve naive people in unauthorized covert ops. Franklin teaches at Shepherd University in WV.


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