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Philadelphia Inquirer on Feith

Tuesday's Inquirer had a biographical sketch of Doug Feith. Laura Rozen comments here. Feith shares Bush's rose colored glasses:

Feith, a Philadelphia native with close family ties to the area, rejected the allegation that postwar planning for Iraq had been disastrous. He said history would vindicate much of his group's decision-making.

"We made mistakes, but we did a lot of good things," he said in a rare two-hour interview at his Washington-area home.
On a related note, defenders of the administration's catastrophic adventurists continue to try to brand critics as anti-Semitic: Mowbray, 9/29; Mowbray, 9/20; Gaffney, 9/10...

But see Haaretz, 9/26:
J.J. Goldberg, the editor of the Jewish weekly Forward, who is known for his anti-establishment approach, says that the investigation, "which has been under way for two years, with the knowledge of National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice and Attorney General John Ashcroft, is not an anti-Semitic conspiracy." Goldberg also thinks that this is an isolated event and not a symbol of general American suspicion of the Jews' loyalty.

A senior source in the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, while not sharing Goldberg's view that "there is a story" in the Franklin case, agrees with him about the bottom line: that the nervousness of the Jewish establishment about this case is wholly inordinate. "There is nothing to the affair, as will become clear, and the Jewish concerns about what people think about them are also exaggerated. If the Pollard affair, which was the genuine thing, didn't cause a rift between the United States and Israel and the Jews, and the Jews' status has only been enhanced since that time, then certainly the present affair will not cause damage of that kind."


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