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Another Lie

Help is not on the way:

President Bush said Wednesday night that Canadian help was on the way to relieve the flu vaccine shortage. But America's top health official and other experts said Thursday that getting more supplies of vaccine from Canada is unlikely.

There isn't enough time for U.S. regulators to approve a Canadian vaccine, and Canada doesn't have enough to spare, they said.
I can understand this response from the Canucks:
"They've been disparaging the Canadian drug system, saying how it's a buyer beware situation, completely unsafe, can't guarantee the safety," said David MacKay, executive director of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. "Then the moment that they need to go to Canada to find our flu vaccines, all of a sudden, magically, things are safe."
The LA Times has an excellent editorial that asks some of the right questions about the US vaccine programs. Businesses are going to suffer because of this. People are going to die because of this.


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