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Another Report

One more report to add to what should be a post-election deluge of information on what's gone wrong in Iraq:

American intelligence agencies are drafting a report that could address whether the Iraq war has increased or decreased the foreign terrorist threat to the United States, but it will not be completed before Election Day, according to senior government officials.
The report "was sent in August in response to [a] draft fact sheet" titled America Is Safer Without Saddam Hussein. The fact sheet described Hussein as a "major obstacle" to Middle East peace and included specific statements about Hussein's ties to Palestinian terrorist organizations and Zarqawi. The fact sheet sounds awefully Feithish.

The White House's reaction to the memo was apparently to claim that the CIA should butt out of policy discussions. Of course, the WH has no qualms about policy shops assuming IC roles, or about blaming the IC for bad policy decisions.

Update, 10/28/04 8:02 PM EST: At minimum, we should expect other reports from Silberman-Robb and the CIA on 9/11.


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