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Lies = Loss

The emerging consensus seems to be that last night's VP debate was a tie. This is wrong: Edwards was the clear winner. He didn't win in a TKO, a KO, or on points. He won on a DQ. Cheney's lies were simply too great and too numerous: he should have been disqualified.

Liars shouldn't be rewarded with a "tie."

He lied about his statements regarding the Saddam-Al Qaeda and Saddam-9/11 connections. He was wrong on the facts, and he was wrong in his characterization of his statements. See also the NYT.

He lied about Zarqawi.

Despite that report, Cheney said that Saddam's regime allowed Zarqawi "to set up shop in Baghdad" and run a poison facility in "Khurmal."

The facility was actually in a hamlet called Sargat.

Sargat, however, is in a region of Iraq that was under the control of U.S.-backed Kurdish rebels, not Saddam's forces, where U.S. intelligence agencies believe Zarqawi spent most of his time before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Cheney said Zarqawi is now in Baghdad; U.S. intelligence agencies believe he's probably in the city of Fallujah, which is controlled by insurgents. [KR]
Khurmal is also the epicenter of Saddam's chemical weapons attacks on the Kurds, the city where the bombs were first dropped. The "poison facility" was hardly a threat at all; moreover, the Bush administration thrice passed on chances to bomb it prior to the war. The administration excuse is that they weren't sure Zarqawi was in the camp - but does that make the "poisons facility" any less of a threat?

He lied about the allocation of coalition casualties. Iraqi sacrifices are important, but they are not part of the coalition, and they account for roughly 38% of troop casualties. See Factcheck.org and the LA Times.

He lied about never having met Edwards before. They had met at least three times. There is evidence [also at Kos]. Cheney claimed to be "up in the Senate" every Tuesday. But his Tuesday trips to the Senate are to meet with Republicans [Digby].

He lied about Halliburton. He pretended that the answers to Edwards' questions could be found at Factcheck.org. There are no answers there, and they note it. Knight-Ridder helpfully points us to http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=67605&p=irol-sec, where Halliburton's own disclosures support Edwards' contentions.

He lied about small businesses, claiming that the Kerry-Edwards tax plan would hurt 900,000 small businesses, responsible for 70% of American job creation.But:
That number is drawn from an analysis by the Tax Policy Center, a joint venture by the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution, which concluded that the Kerry plan would increase taxes on 995,000 taxpayers with "business income." The Tax Policy Center has since adjusted that analysis and cut the number in half. Moreover, most of those taxpayers have no employees beside themselves and only half of them derived most of their income from business. With 33 million small businesses in the country, left unsaid in Cheney's criticism is that more than 32 million wouldn't be affected or would benefit from Kerry's plan. [KR]
See also Factcheck.org.

He lied about Edwards' home town newspaper calling him "Senator Gone." Atrios has the evidence, as does Editor and Publisher.

He lied about Kerry's record, accusing him of voting to raise taxes 98 times. Better than 350, but still not accurate.

He lied about No Child Left Behind, "global test," funding for international AIDS programs, the Democrats' votes on the use of force authorization, Medicare premiums.


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