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Sporadic voters haven't heard about the new Osama bin Laden tape, or much else, apparently.

There is a large correlation between people too lazy to vote and people too lazy to put on a shirt before answering the door (women included).

There are a lot of pipa in the universe of sporadic voters, people who believe exactly 180 degrees the opposite of reality.

Sporadic voters aren't always in the reality basd community. One woman ranted for 3 minutes or so about immorality in the White House. She seemlessly segued from wartalk to blowjob talk, apparently not realizing that George W. Bush was not William J. Clinton.

Kerry-Edwards have done a good organizing job in Louisville, considering it's not a swing state. Signs and "Kentuckians for Kerry-Edwards" bumper stickers are everywhere. I'm frankly surprised the campaign would bother printing up unique stickers for a state like KY.

DCCC volunteers are excited about Obama coming to campaign with Mongiardo tomorrow.

My group of five volunteers knocked on about 800 doors today, and had about 350 contacts. Individual performances ranged from 175/300 to 24/50.

There were about 175 volunteers out today in the DCCC effort, 35 groups of 5, which could have knocked on about 25,000 doors.

The DC crew arrived at 10:30 AM after getting on a bus in DC at 10:00 PM last night. A ten hour trip took twelve and a half hours. We started knocking on doors at eleven. Hopefully our productivity will increase with rest.

Students from all across the heartland are volunteering with the DCCC. We have people from Northern Illinois University, Valaparaiso, and several other colleges. About a hundred and thirty people are from the colleges.

All of this is DCCC alone. Mongiardo has his field operation, DSCC has its field operation, Tony Miller has his field operation, and Kerry-Edwards has its field operation. I don't have a very good feel for what is going on with the other operations.


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