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VP Debate Reaction

Cheney's best moments: Thanking Edwards for the comments re: his family; talking about his personal history. He almost came off as human.

Cheney's worst moment: Not thanking John Edwards in his closing remark. His pointed refusal to thank Edwards proves he ain't human, but scum. Whom among us does not detest scum?

Edwards' best moment: His discussion of Cheney's voting record. It was entirely fair, yet caught Cheney completely off guard. Cheney said nothing about it.

Edwards' worst moment: He fumbled the Dan Quayle, "why are you qualified" question. This is a slam dunk for Edwards, he has more experience than George W. Bush did when running for President; the "experience doesn't mean shit if it's a record of failure" meme is a good one, though.

Iraq. If one believes the blatant lies coming out of Cheney's mouth, this was a draw. If the media drops the ball, failing to dissect just how misleading his statements were (which they probably will) - i.e., in a worst case scenario - Edwards still stayed on message and drove home that the world deserves honesty.

Global Test. Edwards did a great job on this "issue," pointing out what a tremendous distortion it is. It will be an interesting case study to see if the campaignistration is truly shameless, and continues to use the argument after being shot down. John Stewart also had a nice piece on this, though I'm partial to mine.

Kerry's Record. The Scarboroughs and Kristols were spinning afterward, claiming Cheney crushed Edwards on questions about Kerry's record. Why the fuck can't George W. Bush make these arguments to Kerry's face? It is shameful that George W. Bush has to outsource his attacks on his opponent to his Vice President, when last I checked, Bush gets to talk debate Kerry for 270 minutes. Edwards wanted to talk about Cheney's record and the record of Cheney's government - Cheney would have none of it. Chickenshit Bush, Chickenshit Cheney.

Health Care. More of the same from Cheney, blather about med mal. No new ideas, and no old ideas that might work. Edwards talked about real changes that can head off real issues. The two questions about AIDS were interesting, but kind of weird given the general agreement by the debaters, and the time constraints. Why no direct question about health care, why no questions about the environment, or energy issues?

Jobs. Edwards' restating the question was nicely done, highlighting the extent of Cheney's evasion. Focusing on Cleveland was almost a Clintonian touch, nicely done.

Education. I can't believe that Cheney called Edwards' position on NCLB a flip flop - not more than 45 seconds prior to Cheney's distortion had Edwards criticized the administration for not funding NCLB. He's not opposed to it; he is opposed to its partial implementation. The American people aren't stupid, they will see through this.

Other thoughts as they occur.


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