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AP on Goss Purges

Yesterday the AP published a look at the recent Goss-driven resignations from the CIA. It adopts the "balanced" line, noting that "there are those who view Goss' early moves as a purge" but "others see the transition as welcome change for an agency criticized for major intelligence failures, including missing clues before Sept. 11 and botching the prewar analysis on Iraq's weapons." Without making any attempt to verify the truthfulness of the competing positions, the report goes on to quote a bunch of knowledgeable people who are uniformly concerned about the direction Goss is taking the CIA.

This is not objective or professional reporting - it is a charade, primarily because the chief reasons for a skeptical interpretation of Goss' actions are missing. The reasons:

  1. Goss has an obscenely partisan record.

  2. Goss has brought over people that share his partisan proclivities.

  3. Goss has caused the resignation of people that weren't responsible for the recent failures.

  4. The administration has refused to support a fair assessment of who was to blame for the intelligence failures leading to Iraq.

  5. No fair assessment of the CIA's failures on Iraq WMD can leave out administration pressure or Feith's DoD reinterpretations of CIA reports.

  6. Goss' appointment did not take place in a vacuum, and the "partisan" interpretation of his elevation has been confirmed by the nomination of Rice for State and Gonzales for AG.
We have a good idea of why Goss is doing what he's doing. Concern for the integrity of the agency has never played in Goss' decision making, and there's no reason to believe it is now.


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