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British Redeployment Fiasco

Three Scottish Black Watch soldiers were killed by a car bomb in the triangle of death on Thursday. I wish Blair would do more to restrain Bush's adventurism, but the sacrifice of the Black Watch should be commended.

Guardian: The brother of one of the Black Watch soldiers killed yesterday in Iraq expressed anger this morning over the regiment's deployment to a new base just outside the war-torn Sunni triangle.
Craig Lowe said that his brother, Private Paul Lowe, did not believe that the Black Watch should have been deployed in central Iraq and that his family was "heartbroken" over his death.

He told reporters: "He said he didn't think he should be there because the regiment has already done their time over there, the first time, so he didn't think they should be back," he told reporters.

Asked what he thought about George Bush and the war, Mr Lowe replied: "He just thought he was an arsehole for starting a war over nothing, trying to get money and oil."
British troops are already experiencing mission creep.
Reuters: As Scottish Nationalist Party leader Alex Salmond said public grief over the deaths would soon turn to anger.

"The Black Watch has been sent in to do an impossible job -- that is 800 Scottish soldiers replacing 4,000 American marines."
Update, 11/16/04, 10:37 PM EST: Thanks to lawnorder for the link. For more on the British redeployment situation, see here and here. The situation highlights how far our credibility has fallen.

Also, for those discussing Gulf War Syndrome, the BBC reported that Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi thinks low level Sarin exposure is the likely culprit; the AP reported some of the findings here.


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