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Crackdown on Fallujah Critics

US troops and Iraqi security forces raided the homes of three prominent Sunni critics of the Fallujah assault, and have detained one. The Association of Muslim Scholars called for a boycott of the elections "described as being held 'over the corpses of those killed in Fallujah, and the blood of the wounded.'

'The scholars of Iraq place full legal responsibility on Iyad Allawi for the genocide Fallujah is exposed to at the hands of occupation forces and a bunch of Iraqi National Guardsmen who cooperate with them,' association director Sheik Hareth al-Dhari said in a statement aired throughout the Islamic world on satellite television. His organization claims to represent more than 3,000 of Iraq's Sunni mosques." [KR]

The Iraqi government has used its emergency powers to threaten news organizations.

Update, 11/12/04, 5:44 AM EST: Hannah Allam and Yasser Salihee of Knight Ridder put the raids in the broader context of rising tensions between Sunnis and Shiites. Sunni clerics have escalated their rhetoric in response to Fallujah, providing more explicit sanction for attacks, while also criticizing Shiites for not condemning the assault.


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