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Johnson and Engelhardt on "Loyalty"

At Antiwar.com, Chalmers Johnson and Tom Engelhardt have an excellently shrill look at the risks excessive "loyalty" pose to our government and the dangers of the administration's treatment of the CIA.

Update, 11/24/04, 9:19 AM EST: Clemons, who is friends with Johnson, also flags the article, emphasizing the wealth of historical information therein. He notes that the only way to deal with the administration's loyalty fetish is "for private players -- public intellectuals, solutions oriented think tankers, NGOs, journalists, public policy intellectuals, and others -- to focus on embarrassing the idiotic assessments and decisions of a government that has made itself blind" and then "to put better ideas on the table."

I suspect Steve is underestimating the strength of the GOP noise machine and the extent to which administration "loyalists" are in fact ciphers for certain outside ideological positions disseminated through the OVP and DoD. That is one of the more bizarre facts of the administration's loyalty fetish: only those adequately supine to nongovernmental demagogues are deemed "loyal."


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