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People think there's no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats in part because the "fair and balanced" media so cynically perpetuate that idea. Look at this LAT editorial "condemning" the GOP for it's hypocrisy on passing the Delay rule:

Democrats such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are predictably huffing that Republicans are showing that "they simply do not care if their leaders are ethical." But Pelosi herself was fined in March by the Federal Election Commission for using multiple political action committees to exceed federal campaign contribution limits.

Still, the Democrats have wised up: They are planning to adopt a rule stating that any indicted leader has to resign his or her position.

As the Republican example shows, the Democrats know that as soon as the rule becomes inconvenient, they can scuttle it.
Rather than engaging in rank speculation about hypothetical Democratic attitudes, why not stick to the case at hand? The GOP, including some of the very people now supporting these ethics rules roll-backs (though we can't be sure because it was a voice vote and GOP congresspeople seem reluctant to fess up), are guilty of in-your-face hypocrisy. "Ethics" is an attack ad, not a commitment, to the GOP. If Pelosi becomes Speaker some day and the Democrats start changing rules to entrench their power, then the LAT can be outraged. Right now, all they are doing is rationalizing Delay's abuses and destroying trust in government.


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