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NYT: Correction Needed

In an interview, Mr. From pointed out that Republicans invited officials who disagreed with the party's position on abortion rights, like Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, to speak at their national convention. Democrats should do likewise, he argued.

"I want to win some people who are pro-life, because they probably agree with us on a lot of other things," Mr. From said.

Even that, however, would shock some Democrats. No prominent opponent of abortion has come anywhere near the podium of a Democratic convention since 1992, when abortion rights groups blocked a speech on the subject by Robert P. Casey, the governor of Pennsylvania and an observant Catholic. [David Kirkpatrick, NYT, 11/17/04]
Mediamatters.org corrected this error back in June. Casey had not endorsed Bill Clinton. Other pro-life Democrats spoke at the convention.

By the way, is it too much to ask that "leaders" of the conservative faction of the Democratic Party like From stop spreading malicious distortions? We just elevated a pro-life Mormon, Harry Reid, to the Minority Leader position in the Senate - perhaps From should mention that when he's on his little recrimination kick? The NYT should have mentioned it too.


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