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Patrick Murray

Patrick Murray is the Goss hanger-on brought to the CIA from the House intelligence committee who caused two high level CIA staffers, Michael Sulick and Stephen Kappes, to resign (see also Jay Jakub). Isikoff and Klaidman at Newsweek have a brief look at the scandal, including some backgroud on Murray:

Until a few weeks ago, Patrick Murray was just another ambitious Capitol Hill staffer. As a top aide to Rep. Porter Goss, the Republican chairman of the House intelligence committee, Murray had a reputation as a sharp-tongued partisan lawyer. When Democrats on the committee asked the CIA for information, Murray would cut them off, reminding the agency that only requests backed by the Republican majority should be honored. "He was just impossible," says one staffer who dealt with him. "He was sarcastic, snide and had this uncanny ability to push people's buttons." One former CIA official told NEWSWEEK that Murray leaned on him more than once to declassify information so he could use it to "embarrass the Democrats." Murray was irritated when the agency declined. He regarded much of the CIA as a nest of obstructionist bureaucrats, time-servers who had schemed to undermine the administration's policies—especially in Iraq.
The guy responsible for the "selective declassification" epidemic is in charge of depoliticizing the CIA (see also here)? Murray looks like an archetypal combination of abrasive asshole and unethical partisan.


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