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After three years of pressuring intelligence agencies to produce intelligence product that politically supports administration policy, the executive branch appointed Porter Goss to head the CIA. His first step in office was to bring four Republican operatives from his House Intelligence Committee over to senior positions in the Agency. An exodus of CIA analysts, operatives, and officials ensued, with no end in sight (Sen. Rockefeller's staff "is picking up 'talk of another 20 people leaving.'").

Some people believe Goss is well intentioned, but "clumsy." There appears to be no basis for such confidence in Goss' intentions. As John Diamond reports in USA Today, Goss has said nothing at all, much less anything reassuring. The only evidence from the horse's mouth is the leaked interdepartmental memo which reminds the agency:

"We support the Administration and its policies in our work. As Agency employees
we do not identify with, support, or champion opposition to the Administration
or its policies."

Even if Goss is merely clumsy, we can not afford incompetence in the CIA. He is not qualified for the position.

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