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Read the sad story of John "Digger" Dolan, an alcoholic identity thief with a habit of name-dropping big Republicans.

Dolan, interviewed in jail on Dec. 4 after an arrest in Maryland, said any news article about his driving record would hurt the war on terror. "You're helping the enemy if you write about it," Dolan said at the Cecil County jail, where he was serving 10 days for disorderly conduct.
Weldon, the nine-term representative who prides himself on expertise in foreign affairs and national security, wrote a June 23 letter to James Pavitt, then the CIA's deputy director. In the letter, Weldon asked Pavitt to meet with Dolan "at your earliest convenience," and said Dolan's software "could have assisted in preventing" events such as the Sept. 11 attacks.

Weldon's letter described Dolan's firm, Your Choice Communications Inc., as "one of the leading communication developers in my district, with whom I have worked for more than 12 years."
Dolan's most recent arrest in Philadelphia was on March 23. He was driving another Mercedes, a gray 190E, in South Philadelphia. In his report, Officer Thomas Cairns wrote that the Mercedes' driver staggered from the car and "couldn't recite the alphabet."

In an interview, Cairns recalled what the driver had said then: "He told me to call Tom Ridge. He said he worked for Homeland Security."


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