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NATO Increasing Training Forces, Powell Upset

NATO has agreed to increase its Iraq delegation of training forces from 60 to 300.

The Nato alliance has confirmed it is to send extra instructors and support troops to Iraq early next year.

At a meeting in Brussels Nato foreign ministers agreed to a US request to boost the alliance's training deployment in Iraq from 60 to 300. [BBC]
Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Belgium, and Luxembourg refuse to allow their forces to participate in the program. Powell remarked about the refusals:
"When it comes time to perform a mission, it seems to us to be quite awkward for suddenly members in that international staff to say, 'I'm unable to go because of this national caveat or national exception,'" Powell said. "You are hurting the credibility and the cohesion of such an international staff or organization." [WP]
I sympathize with Powell, but before he throws anymore stones, he should look up ICC, the. He should also remember that beggars can't be choosers - the discussions he's holding are almost two years too late.


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