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But as Iraqis register to vote, the United States worries that the real winners could be the ayatollahs in neighboring Iran. U.S. intelligence sources tell NBC News that 1 million Iranians have already poured across the border to register to vote in Iraq. And Iran is spending as much as $100 million to elect its favored slate of candidates in Iraq — and may have thousands of spies in Iraq.

"They're putting money into Iraq," says Danielle Pletka, an Iraq expert at the American Enterprise Institute. "They're promoting candidates. They're sponsoring terrorist groups that are pressuring people in Iraq. They're doing everything they can."

And while Iraq's defense minister warned Wednesday that both Iran and Syria are cooperating with Iraq's No. 1 terrorist — Abu Musab al-Zarqawi — the United States has no proof of that. [NBC News]
I have no doubt that Syria and Iran are meddling in Iraq - why wouldn't they, when what happens there so strongly affects their national security situation? But the idea that Iran is supporting Zarqawi is just too ridiculous - the man hates Shiites more than anybody.
As much as he hates Americans and Jews, Zarqawi loathes Shiite Muslims even more.

"They (Shiites) harbor more evil and rancor against Muslims, big and small, devout and non-devout, than anyone else...To them, anyone who does not believe in the infallible Imam (Al-Mahdi) -- who incidentally does not exist -- is a nonbeliever in God and the prophet, may the peace and blessings of God be upon him." [Military.com]
Zarqawi is trying to destabilize the rise of the Iranian leaning Shiites in Iraq by fomenting a civil war. Iran has no incentive to cooperate with him, and with "no proof," one certainly shouldn't assume it.


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