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Mike Allen has a fascinating insider look at the struggles the White House press corp faces in getting answers from Bush. Old story, but nice update.

Update, 12/04/04, 3:59 AM EST: Dan Froomkin, author of the Washington Post's invaluable White House Briefing column, has a similar story at Salon. It's nice to see the press corp thinking about these issues, and Froomkin has managed to collect some sage advice. My addendum: consistently use Bush's lack of answers as news stories. If a reporter asks Bush "what do you think about recent events in Mosul" and Bush answers with his pablum about bringing peace and security to the Middle East, the story for tomorrow's paper should lead:

When asked yesterday about recent events in Mosul, President George W. Bush gave no indication that he was aware of recent events unfolding there. Mosul has been the scene of spectacular violence, much of it narrowly directed toward destabilizing Iraqi security forces. By all evidence, those attacks are working, and the Iraqi forces in the region have been rendered unable to assume the responsibilities the US strategic plan requires of them. Foreign policy experts are concerned that President Bush is unaware of how critical these developments are...
If Bush doesn't answer a simple question, the media must assume it's because he can't. That is the only way to get an actual answer out of him.


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