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Yushchenko Poisoned by Dioxin

The BBC reports that "extensive tests showed a form of dioxin had been used, leaving Mr Yushchenko's face disfigured." "His blood and tissue registered concentrations of dioxin 1,000 times above normal levels...There appeared to be little lasting damage to Mr Yushchenko's internal organs, though experts say it could take more than two years for his skin to return to normal." Time Magazine has a more pessimistic outlook, claiming "his long-term prospects are bleak." The Telegraph reports Yushchenko's doctor speculating that dioxin may have been a carrier for other toxins.

Dr Michael Zimpfer, the head of Vienna's Rudolfinerhaus clinic, said further tests would establish whether Mr Yushchenko, who first fell ill in September, had also been poisoned by another toxin.

"Dioxin is easily absorbed by the body and might have been used as a carrier to facilitate the passage of other substances into the body," said Dr Zimpfer. "If, for example, arsenic had been used, it would have taken effect quicker had dioxin been used as a carrier."


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