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Mark Hosenball:

In curt form letters sent out in November, CIA Director Porter Goss told members of three secretive CIA advisory panels their services were no longer required. One committee, an "intelligence advisory board" that former CIA chief George Tenet consulted several times a year, included Henry Kissinger; former senators Warren Rudman, Sam Nunn and Bob Kerrey; retired admirals William Crowe, David Jeremiah and Dennis Blair, and former CIA directors William Webster and James Woolsey.

In the dismissal letters, Goss told fired advisers that he might contact them in the future "should I determine that your continued participation on the DCI's intelligence advisory board is consistent with my future needs." Webster said he did not think Goss "intended" to offend anyone. "I certainly wasn't insulted," he told Newsweek. Intel sources say Kissinger was among those who felt unhappy about their treatment. Asked by e-mail to comment, the former secretary of State sent word that he had "no view" on the matter. A CIA spokesperson said Goss "has the greatest respect" for the board members.


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