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Pletka on Rice

Guy Dinmore, Financial Times, 1/19/05: Danielle Pletka, foreign policy expert at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute, said Ms Rice had in effect presented the president's views. Ms Pletka said the Bush administration shared the vision and goals of the neoconservatives, but that it would be wrong to portray Ms Rice as having been "hijacked" by them.
Pletka is right. There is no reason for optimism about Rice's tenure at state. Rice may have the President's ear, but more importantly, he has hers. She will reflect his views, not vice versa. Steve Clemons is similarly realistic:
A lot of people will be giving Bush a new honeymoon on foreign policy issues -- but all I can say is that all of those pundits who thought that Iraq had been so disastrous that the neocons would be out and the realists back in, were amazingly off target.

I argued that I saw no empirical evidence of neocon decline -- and I think that we need to be careful of giving Bush too much room to run right now.


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