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4 Networks Reject Ad Opposing Bush on Lawsuits

The New York Times > National > 4 Networks Reject Ad Opposing Bush on Lawsuits:

An advocacy group, USAction, said on Monday that four television networks had turned down its request to run an advertisement opposing President Bush's effort to clamp down on medical malpractice lawsuits.

The group wanted to run the spots just before Mr. Bush's State of the Union address on Wednesday. But networks said the advertisement violated their standards for advertising on controversial issues.

The NBC Universal Television Network, owned by General Electric, told the group, 'We are sorry that we cannot accept your ad based on our network policy regarding controversial issue advertising.'

As a general rule, the policy says, 'time will not be sold on NBC Network facilities for the presentation of views on controversial issues.' The policy does not apply to candidates for public office in election years.

ABC, CBS and the Fox Broadcasting Company said they had also turned down the advertisement.

But CNN plans to run the advertisement.
These policies are absurd and need to change. Halliburton advertises about how it's saving the troops with no problem; Walmart advertises about its great treatment of employees with no problems. Political speech deserves more access to the airwaves, not less. It's worth watching to see if the Chamber and NAM get more favorable treatment.

USAction, in coordination with Campaign for America's Future and AFSCME, is also directing an effort to counter Bush's privatization barnstorming tour.


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