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Charlie Jarvis on the Medicare Drug Benefit

Business Wire, October 1, 2004:

"We're calling on the nationwide network of Seniors and families to activate against forces working to destroy the first Medicare prescription benefit ever created," said Charlie Jarvis, Chairman and Chief Executive of USA Next-United Seniors Association. "Many millions of Seniors can lower their prescription costs right now, but some plan to dismantle the new Senior benefit."

"Groups like the Alliance for Retired Americans and others are clear in their goal -- Deprive Seniors of the benefits and advantages of this landmark legislation," continued Mr. Jarvis. "The brand of national scare campaign these groups and politicians sell is disreputable, and USA will continue to warn the public about these nationwide schemes against Seniors and their families. This same crowd has haunted America for decades with their plans for a bureaucratic, command-and-control, one-size-fits-all health care nightmare."

Congress passed and President Bush signed into law thereby creating the first Medicare Prescription Medicine Benefit since Medicare began. After decades of rhetoric, real results for Seniors were delivered. The program includes choices of new Medicare discount cards in 2004 and 2005 to cut prices paid by Seniors, with even more comprehensive prescription savings in 2006. Individual low income Seniors can receive right now an annual $600 credit and couples can access a $1,200 credit toward the purchase of their medications in 2004 and in 2005. The September 20, 2004, issue of US News and World Report(a) tells how a California man found his new Medicare prescription benefit helped cut his usual monthly prescription bill from $132 to less than $10 - a discount of over 92%.

"It is incomprehensible how these naysayers can work to destroy something that will help so many Seniors so much right now," continued Mr. Jarvis. "The groups and politicians working to dismantle the Medicare prescription benefit are so blinded by rabid negativity that they've lost sight of the very real needs of individual Seniors they claim to represent."

"There is something profoundly wrong about groups and politicians who focus on manipulating and scaring Seniors and their families, rather than helping them financially. USA is going to alert the American people about these plans to limit Seniors' health care choices. It is shocking to see how little these demagogues understand Seniors' practical prescription needs," said Mr. Jarvis.

(a) US News and World Report, September 20, 2004, "Savings In the Cards," p. 58

Note: It's easy to get information about a new Medicare Card that fits you and your family best and gives the best prescription deals. Go to www.USANext.org. Click the Medicare Rx box on the right side.

Schedule an interview with Mr. Jarvis by contacting William Brindley at (703) 359-6500, ext. 18.

USA Next-United Seniors Association (USA) is celebrating their 15th anniversary as the non-partisan, 1.5 million-plus nationwide grassroots network dedicated to Uniting the Generations for America's Future(TM). The organization's National Chairman is the renowned celebrity, businessman, and author Art Linkletter.


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