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Generations Together

The Alliance for Worker Retirement Security (AWRS) and the Coalition for the Modernization and Protection of Social Security (CoMPASS) have finally tipped their hands, revealing a glimpse of how they intend to manipulate the privatization debate: Generations Together, an astroturf organization that:

"will help educate the American people on the importance of reforming Social Security now, to ensure that our system will be viable for future generations," said Derrick Max, executive director of the Coalition for the Modernization and Protection of America's Social Security (CoMPASS).

The Generations Together campaign will engage voters in key states and congressional districts in order to educate the public on the need for Congress to act now; to dispel attacks by opponents; and to demonstrate how reform will give younger workers a chance to build a nest egg for retirement, while protecting the benefits of today's retirees and those who are on the verge of retirement."
CoMPASS is a 501(c)4 coalition established by the Business Roundtable to lobby for privatization, expected to spend up to $40 million in the battle. Derrick Max, CoMPASS's executive director, is also the head of AWRS, the National Association of Manufacturer's front orgnization, expected to spend more than $20 million for privatization. Both organizations refuse to disclose their donors, effectively using secret corporate money to manipulate American public opinion on behalf of the administration.

Generation Together's two co-chairs, Don Nickles and Sam Beard, have extremely close ties to the administration, both having served on Bush's "Commission to Strengthen Social Security." CoMPASS and AWRS are formally coordinating with the administration. They were responsible for turnout at the New Hampshire and North Carolina "bamboozlepalooza" events, both of which bombed in reality, though not in media.

"Generations Together" is an ironic name, considering that the administration is fomenting generational warfare, pitting youth against seniors at every turn.


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