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This book looks interesting. Unfortunately, this review is painfully stupid.

First, lets drop the Moynihan inspired canard that Democrats ceded the "Party of Ideas" mantle to the GOP or neocons at any point, ever. The only ideas ever produced by the GOP have been bad solutions to false problems. Welfare reform, social security privatization, the invasion of Iraq - these are "solutions" that would and have generated the very problems they were supposed to prevent or solve. Preemptive war should now be discredited, "broken windows" policing has been recognized as a failure by most criminoligists.

Second, the idea that Democrats are opposed to ideological diversity, to a clash of ideas, is absurd. Our Party currently represents every credible position on every issue - there is no need to listen to crackpot conservative ideas when legitimate conservative ideas are well presented by factions within the Democratic Party itself. We fight and bicker among ourselves because our tent is so fucking big.

Third, both the idea that liberals are Europe worshippers and that "Old Europe" is a cesspool of cultural stagnation are figments of the neoconservative imagination. I hate people who wear scarves around their necks, and proudly calledd myself a "mysofranc" back when I had to deal with the exchange students (most now conservatives) at Louisville who held their pointy noses in the air at us uncultured hicks. Nonetheless, French and German politics are as dynamic and fascinating now as ours have been since the sixties, with the struggles to assimilate new immigrants and deal with the relics of their colonial pasts.

This is just retread triumphalism, a failure to use the hindsight so generously bestowed upon us by our creator. Democrats suffer a marketing deficit, a PR problem. We'll fix that eventually. Pseudoconservatives will always be ignorant, paranoid hacks.


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