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Social Security's Human Face

A commenter at Kos has put together a nice homage to the impact Social Security has had on his family. This is, at heart, what we are fighting for in this debate.

The Republicans are trying to divide us, black from white, old from young, man from woman. They will stoop to the deepest lows to achieve this end, the end of fragmenting America into easily-picked off factions, susecptible to bribe, intimidation and scare tactic.

We cannot let it happen. It's my parents and grandparents that benefit from social security right now. My grandmother gets to enjoy her retirement; she's traveled to Ireland & Scotland to see her origins, she's traveling with her daughters and granddaughters to Europe this summer. She's getting to live life the way it should be lived, after 70 years of working in the trenches of the American economy. I want her to have this opportunity, and social security helps make it happen. I want the same opportunity to be there for my parents, for my uncles, for my neighbors, and for my fellow citizens.

I want it to be there for me. I benefit from a healthy social security system right now, and I will benefit from a healthy social security system long into the future.


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